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My Step-up fail record=2hands

    • surfwell1818
      Joined: 18.11.2009 Posts: 137
      Long story cut short is:
      I won $12 in a freeroll and took Tony G's advice to step up or shut up so I calculated I had 3x $4 MSS Buy ins for 5c/10cNL Fullring.
      Hand 1: 10 4 os easy fold
      Hand 2: AsAh with 2 limpers (MP2/Co both full stacks).
      I raise preflop 5xBB(50c) and both call.
      Board comes 4s 5s 7c
      I 2/3 pot bet ($1) and both call.... Oh no
      Turn 8c....Oh no
      I shove AI (nerves twitching and eyes closed hoping to hear fold/fold)
      Both call and I am now a spectator (like when your at the race course and your horse is running last)
      River 7d....Oh no (I'm ready to turn my monitor off and forget it)
      MP2 shoves AI & Co calls... Oh no (now I'm sooo dead)
      MP2 shows Ac7s (trips) and loses.
      Co shows 8h8s (fullhouse)and wins huge pot...
      So second hand I've donked off 1/3 of my freeroll step up..
      Oh the hurt and humiliation.
      I've ran all the scenerios over and over and thought it was meant to be.
      Surely it can't happen on attempt 2.... Can it...? ?(
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