Who plays 3c/6c...Anyone?

    • surfwell1818
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      Hi Pokers Strategists, Learning to WIN,
      The step up at 888 is really tricky.
      After 1c/2c (usually 20 FR tables open to choose from; 9/9 players at each).
      The next step is 3c/6c and there is regularly less then 3 tables open,(2x 9/9 players and 1x 7/9 ish players)
      The next step is 5c/10c and there is usually the same amount of tables to choose from as the 1c/2c limit.(20 tables.)
      Why is the 3c/6c field so small?
      Is it the maths...It's not the min BI either...
      There has to be a reason...
      Last night there was 1 full table at 3c/6c and 1 6/9 table.
      It leaves for a thin field to play.
      Is this a good thing maybe... More newbies from 1c/2c or are they 5c/10c ers that are stepping down..
      I don't know but it makes for a big step from 1c/2c to 5c/10c.
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    • LockONNN
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      Hello Simon,

      I had the same problem about 1 year and a half ago . I was able to beat NL2 but had to movedown first time at NL6. A month later I got back to NL6 (made the transition to SH) and I was able to beat the limit in only 20k hands .
      The field is really fishy it won't be difficult to beat those limits :P
    • Fagin
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      I actually like the 3/6 tables, I find them a nice balance between the NL2 and NL10, more so than the NL4 or NL5 that you find on other sites. They are nicely fishy and I wish there were more of them. I am playing NL10 at the moment and when I am unable to find a suitable Nl10 table, or when I am waiting for a seat I will often play NL6.

      I started taking shots at them when my BR reached $120 or so and never looked back. I usually play 4 tables (more is just awful on 888 when they overlap on my small screen) and I replaced 1 NL2 table with a NL6 one.

      I have never quite understood why there are so few of them open at a time. It was the same 18 months - 2 years ago when I was playing them last.

      I also found similar when I was playing the NL30 tables a while back. They are a reasonable step between the NL20 and NL50 tables but for some reason they were fishier than either.
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      in april I've deposit 15$ and aprox in 6 months i've made 1200$ by playing 3/6c CAM tables (one table only).. made aprox 60k hands.. players structure is quite different on cam or non cam tables.. :f_biggrin: :f_biggrin: :f_biggrin:
      CAM rox :)