sh omaha cash, 250bb + play, what adjustments

    • JohnJames97
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      Assuming relative stacks 250bb or deeper.
      In what ways do you adjust your play ?

      I have noticed that some players tighten, and some loosen up..

      I tend to open up a lot and 3bet an insane amount in position, 20%+, this is up to stakes of .10/.25,
      i have tried it up to 5/10 btw..and versus decent villains the variance becomes sickk..

      Are both adjustments valid or is one clearly more optimal.

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    • Ribbo
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      I won't play out of position against someone else when 250 bets deep if the rest of the table is around 100 bets deep. There would have to be an uber fish for me to stay in the game.