a bad day in 27 ppl sngs

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      It is my second day playing 27 ppl sngs at 7 dollar levels, just an attempt to come on the battle of planet leaderboard. However, after my today's 10 games, I have to give up the plan. In summary I came on to final table only once and got 3rd in that game, I am really impressed by how bad it can go with my shoves.
      Here is a list of all my preflop shoves
      QQ v 66, lost, my first shove of the day goes wrong immediately.
      77 v Q10o won, for 400 chips only
      9Jo v K10s, lost, standard bvb shove
      K5o v JJ won, my luckiest hand of the day, knocked out small stack player on bubble and gave me the only cash for the day.
      A10s v A7o, lost when 3 ppl were left with about equal stacksize.
      AKs v AJo, lost, first hand in a game, made the shove when there was 6x and a few callers before me.
      AQo v KJs, lost
      7jo v Kjo, lost, another buyin
      JJ v 33, lost forced call, another buyin gone
      QQ v AK lost, standard
      AJo v QJo won, surprised no Q came on board
      AKo v 79o won
      AKs v A5o won
      JJ v A10o won a won 4 shoves in a row from small stack, thought my luck is back
      TT v 99 lost, maybe my luck is not back after all
      Q10o v K5o lost, my last shove of the day.
      In total, I lost 26k chips more than CEV. Lost all 3/3 shoves with big pp vs smaller pp. I do worse than CEV in all 10 tournaments. I won 2 important shoves and lost 9.
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