Variance question

    • adr0001
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      How big the variance can be using SSS? I played 3609 15NL hands and I lost $15,95. This means a lose rate of 1,47PTBB/100. I played at very loose tables, usually tables with flop seen percentage >30%. People constantly call me with weaker hands and I constantly lose, despite being a favourite. I feel I’m not winning my fair share of pots. I also played 2507 NL10 hands, this time with a $25,35 profit(win rate of 5,05PTBB/100).
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    • chenny8888
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      standard variance. 3.5k hands is nothing. keep at it, don't tilt, and you'll win in the longrun from people putting their money in bad ^^;.

      oh, and remember to post dubious hands in the forums!
    • swissmoumout
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      since SSS mostly relies on showdown hands, the variance can be pretty huge (I hardly played any myself, but I've seen graphs from other players) - as chenny said, just post hands, and have another look after 50k hands, it'll be a bit less swingy
    • xylere
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      I've posted some of my results twice already, here you go again

      Technically, variance on the low limits should be very very soft. However, i experienced 20 buy-ins downswing on NL 25 myself. Now I can say for sure, that AT LEAST 10 buy-ins were lost due to week/bad/horrible play, which is possible even with a shortstack) so think about it)