Which book next ?

    • Dannyz0r
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      This is taken from my blog

      Terrible session today , beat after beat and after a bit tilt and lost a bit and i decided to reevaluate my game , analyze hands and read another book .

      Here are the options , please help me out :

      1)Harrington on Hold'Em : Volume 1 (Strategic Play)
      2)Harrington on Hold'Em : Volume 2 (The Endgame)
      3)Harrington on Hold'Em : Volume 3 (The Workbook)
      4)Kill Everyone - Advanced Strategies for No-Limit Hold-Em
      5)Mental Game of Poker by Jared Tendler
      6)Fooled by Randomness
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    • gadget51
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      Sounds - and looks - like 'Jared Tendlar to me!

      It's good that you think you need to evaluate, rather than claim it's all rigged. I like you already.

      Take care,

    • CheckBop
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      kill everyone!

      with regards to the books i go for jared's as well :)
    • bmfbpi
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      Dannyz0r, i get it you play MTTs or SNGs right ?

      I think the most important aspect of not going on tilt is understanding the variance in the game and most important of all is: having a decent bankroll.

      I cannot stress how important having a decent bankroll is. When I was playing cash on 20 buy-ins i used to tilt everytime. When i was playing sngs on 50 buy-ins, again, i would tilt every time. Now I play mttsns on at least 200 buy-ins.

      Try this:
      - if you are playing sngs, have 200 buy-ins in your account for the limit you are playing, believe me you will feel totally different when you have a bad beat. You just shrug it off, and register for the next sng
      - accept the fact that variance is a part of poker, and embrace it. If it weren't for variance, there would not be any fish
    • Dannyz0r
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      Ok , some updates in this thread

      Right now i am in the middle of exams , so not reading anything (i finished Kill Everyone ~2 weeks ago) .

      Which book next ? Right now i feel i need something to improve my mental state , so i don't tilt and make dumb moves / calls
      "The Poker Mindset" seems pretty good ,any opinions on this ?
      Also feel free , to suggest me any other books
    • tolari
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      The poker mindset is a must read imo. Really helpful, specially first 80 pages.