My random success day! .60 -> $30 in 3 hours!

    • Calcul0n
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      So i squandered my 50 bucks quickly, but had a few party points left over.. so i decided to use them on the 250$ gtd. i ended up making it to the final table, but lost on a risky bluff, netting me 2.60. i then wasted 2 bucks in $1 sit n go's, just not playing well.. still angry about my stupid bluff in the 250 gtd. had 60 cents left, so i figured hey, i'll run this up to $1 and play one more, un-tilted.

      i end up placing 3rd and get 1.70, then join another .1/.2 table, and run that up to $3. i put that on a $3 sng, win that, and now have 13.50. i put 10 of that on a .5/.10 table, and in one hour, i'm up to 30 bucks again!

      i just thought it was kind of amusing.. turning .60 into $30 in 2-3 hours is probably the craziest luck/exponential gain i've ever had (but i also have been playing well)
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