Hello fellow PokerStrategists!

I'm sure that you will all be in agreement with me and the team at PokerStrategy.com when we say that 2011 has been quite the turbulent year for the poker industry.

Massive changes in the lives of online poker players - from pros to recreational beginners - means that our community is now more important than ever. As such, we are pleased to say that we have seen drastic expansion in our video selection in comparison with previous years.

Of course we could not have done it without our awesome coaches, who have put in a lot of work over the past year.

yourdoommoshmanscott clements
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Just six of our stable of fantastic coaches and video producers

We want to give a special thanks to all our seriously dedicated video producers, who have put in a ton of effort to ensure that PokerStrategy.com remains the best place to get an education in poker.

We would of course be remiss if we did not thank all of our members for supporting the site, building our awesome community and loving the game of poker as much as we do!

We recently released a news piece highlighting the Top 10 Gold Videos of 2011:

It's Great to be Gold: Top 10 Gold Videos of 2011 Plus Downgraded Gold Videos

We ask you:

What was your highlight for 2011?

What would you like to see in 2012?

Your video team wishes you a fantastic Christmas, a very happy New Year and the best of luck for 2012!