Hey guys!

I have roughly 2-3 hours a day to play, and I want to set myself up to spend some of it studying or watching videos. Pure hand experience is gold, but a bit of theory on the side doesn't hurt. Any ideas on a good way to structure a play session, or what do you do?

Bit of background: I did the donk thing and completely wasted my $50 on Party playing SnGs way higher than my bankroll allowed and stopped playing for a few months. I play MSS at NL2 on 888poker now because I saw they had a free $8 for signing up, ground it up to $14 in 3 days (roughly 1k hands).

I'm waiting to reach Silver status (should only take a few days with the 10 bonus points per day) to reach the more advanced MSS stuff, but would like to swap to BSS NL2 when I reach $50 or so.

Bonus Question: Am I allowed to make a lockerroom in the NL Beginners course if I'm playing MSS, or should I wait till I make the switch to BSS first?

tl;dr How do you set up play sessions (e.g. 25% reading, 65% playing, 10% evaluation)?