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3bet equity

    • tiagosilva
      Joined: 10.05.2007 Posts: 3,688
      what should be the minimum equity to 3bet?

      lets say you have quite a few hands on someone and he is in the btn and raises 1st in, you have his ATS value.

      you put this value on equilator to determine his open raise range from the CO and BTN, what should be the minimum equity to calculate our range of 3bet?

      50% equity? is this enough because we will have the initiative if he happens to call?

      more? because if he calls his calling 3bet range should be alot smaller than is ATS range?

      if so how much more? what do you experts think?
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    • chenny8888
      Joined: 03.10.2007 Posts: 19,324
      i'd say 60% or so, because you're going to be playing a big pot OOP.

      50% (or even less) with something like Button (Hero) vs CO though.
    • tiagosilva
      Joined: 10.05.2007 Posts: 3,688
      also is it realistic to use the range equilator produces?

      ex: 5% is 77+ AJs+ (would a player with just 5% of range play 77? and not AKo?)

      should i use wich setting to determine the range of an oponent?

      Equity vs. 1 random hand
      Equity vs. 2 random hands
      Equity vs. 3 random hands (similar PokerStove)
      exactly PokerStove (similar Equity vs. 3 random hands)
      Karlson-Skanlsky Hand Ranking

      the last one propably not.. but say i get raised from the CO or BTN wich one shoud i use?
    • Nunki
      Joined: 25.10.2006 Posts: 865
      Raw equity is not the major consideration. Eg. Someone has been hammering on your blind and you have yet to pick up a decent hand equity-wise. Villain steal-raises yet again and you 3bet w/9Ts. You have something like 40% equity but in this spot you often have a ton of FE and are likely to have two live-cards if called.

      The skill-level and style of your opponent are more important as is the post-flop playability of your hand. IMO, fold equity is a more relevant consideration than pot equity. Eg.Say you have roughly 55% equity with ATo (versus villain's range that is) and decide to 3bet. If you are called then dominating aces are a possible (and likely) part of villain's range and you get stacked sometimes on A-high boards.

      Pot-equity is also even less relevant when you are OOP as your "better hands" will be very difficult to take to showdown cheaply and you will often end up folding the best hand.