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    • Kopernicus
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      I would like to know how many poeple did earn money playing micro limits .002 or .004 with BSS or SSS.
      The way i see is that you would have to play day, night for hrs to accumulate $200 or more to progress to next level.
      And with that kind of rate i will be 80 yrs old befor i may earn decent money.

      Is it possible to adjust SSS or BSS when one decide to go for higher stakes ? (1/2 or 3/6).


      John :spade:
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    • Lemonize
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      You mean .02/.04 or? I dont think there are .002 limts available anywhere.

      Its not actually that hard to move up on those limits, I think most players at this site, even the ones that are now playing NL 5K actuallly started at the micro limits.

      For me I went from 50 to 200 in about 3 weeks (playing 4-6 tables on and off - if you play really actively you can do it a lot faster). Jumping up to 1/2 or 3/6 without the proper bankroll is just gambling, especially since you will probably get crushed due to lacking experience.