sidekick worm p2p generic - antivirus

    • Harnas31
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      I have just installed sidekick today and after 1 hour of playing my Kaspersky antivirus,
      which is an excellent program, shows me about 70 suspicius behaviours
      in folder of postgreSQL
      It detects PDM. WORM. p2p. generic

      Is it safe to have sidekick ?
      Does it make some damage to my database ?
      Does it make my computer vulnerable to attacks from net ?
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    • Silicernium
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      I don't know the sidekick exactly, but I don't think, that the programm will damage your database or something else.
    • mrk1988
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      Hey Harnas31,

      I can assure you - SideKick does not interfere with your postgreSQL database in any way, shape or form! SideKick does not make your computer vulnerable to attacks from the internet or anything else.

      Looks like a false positive to me.

      A false positive, also known as a false detection or false alarm, occurs when an antivirus program detects a known virus string in an uninfected file. The file, while not infected with an actual virus, does contain a string of characters that matches a string from an actual virus.

      A false positive can also occur when a program performs an action, which appears to the antivirus program to be a virus-like activity.

      To be perfectly clear: As long as you downloaded SideKick from here: SideKick - Download & Setup-Guide you are perfectly fine!