Tips For Id Verification On New/old Accounts.

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      Hello to all that are struggling with ID verification.

      Here are some tips that might help stop any attempts to verify ID being been denied.. You want it done first time, to keep any frustration at bay :)

      1. Follow the criteria carefully..

      2. This normally consists of a recent letter with name and address on (less than months old) Birth certificate is always good. Bankstatement. Drivers licence.

      3. I think this point is the most important of all... How you get your documents onto your computer to upload them.(QUALITY OF THE DOCUMENTS IS PARAMOUNT, THEY HAVE TO BE READABLE) If you have a good scanner then you are quids in, and if you dont, then hunt around your friends to see if they have one..

      4. Dont use your phone camera, because it is not good enough for the verification process, use a scanner or at minimum, a fax machine (which isnt that good either because its paper photo copy style and photo copies are sometimes unreadable)

      So yeh, just some tips here so you do not have to wait any longer than you should, like I did. Poker rooms security have to deal with lots of cases every day, it is usually 4-5 days wait due to the volume of documents they sift through, and if you send them a shoddy attempt because ie it is unreadable or you have simply not uploaded enough information.. This will cause a set back of another weeks wait, and if you are like me and love to play, that is not an option lol

      Use the force peoples.. Happy verifying :)

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