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Which type of poker is the best to (seriously) start with

    • wnbMG
      Joined: 10.04.2011 Posts: 586
      My brother wanted do start play poker more seriously but he doesn't know which type of poker should start (plo, nlhe...) and which "style" (sh,hu,fr,tournaments...)? What do you advice? (Till now he played NLHE SH for about 3 months NL4.)
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    • CheckBop
      Joined: 20.11.2010 Posts: 313
      SNG are said to be the best place to start as it doesn't take too much skill level/understanding to play well at thesegames. The natural transition is then to NL cash games , first FR and then move to short hand as you move up in $ and skill level
    • FruitNinja
      Joined: 01.05.2011 Posts: 164

      I'm still a beginner but started NL, SNG then FL.

      NL is with so much complexity that will keep the beginner guessing and guessing what opponent has. I'd rank it the most difficult to learn.

      SNG is also viable but it will take longer to learn what is going on on the various streets due to more push fold tendency of game IMO.

      Now FL is where you learn to play straight poker (no bluffing first would be best) to understand what your opponent is doing and what cards he probably have. Play at micros to get to showdown specially if you want to see what opponent has or just confirm that he has what you think he has, at minimal cost.

      PLO is for later....

      Just my opinion, hope it helps.

      Cheers! :)