Good regs with bet sizing tells ??? Open bigger on fishy tables?

    • elhh82
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      I've started playing on just the 22s on artyPoker recently and noticed that a few of the biggest winners on this limit (~10% ROI) vary their bet sizes in the early game based on their cards. ie: 4x QQ, AK, 5x AA, 3x the rest etc..

      They also make larger than usual raises in the later stages, 3x at t100, 2.5x t200

      Does any of this make any sense to you? Or am I right in just assuming that they aren't as good as their results seem to indicate?
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    • ghaleon
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      If fields are bad enough then different sizes can be fine. Obviously depending of players yet to act. It's ok if line is exploitable by some of better players on table, if there are enough calling machines etc.

      As default it's better to stick into standard raise size and smaller raises on later stage and use different line if there is reason to do so.