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GiR's Nooblog of Doom!

    • bcGiR
      Joined: 26.11.2011 Posts: 10

      I have decided to start my very own blog! I have little experience with doing this and with forums in general so this will be interesting.

      First a little about me:
      I am a 24 year old student living in British Columbia, Canada. I have been a gamer my whole life. I came to because of an advertisement on, the largest english speaking Starcraft community. I was up until recently a very competitive starcraft player, and I had always heard that it was a very similar game to poker: one of incomplete information, reading opponents, assessing risk and reacting to the play of your opponent. As well many starcraft players are or have gone on to be professional poker players. Elky comes to mind.

      So after giving up my beloved game of Starcraft due to me not wanting to invest so much of my life into it or pay my way to go to various tournaments I have decided to become a poker enthusiast! I have always been interested in poker, but I have never considered taking it on as a serious hobby mostly because I did not want to invest any money into it. :f_biggrin: Thanks to I have the opportunity to learn about the game without having to do that!

      I started on this site by reading articles and watching videos waiting for my $50 starting capital to get to my account. I discovered the mid stack strategy and decided that would be a good place to start, so I read all of the articles that my bronze status would allow me to and printed off the relevant charts to reference. When my $50 arrived in my account I eagerly opened up a NL2 table on Party: my poker odyssey had begun! After a couple of days I became bored with playing a single table due to the simplicity, tightness, and lack of decision making involved with MSS so against the advice of the articles :P I decided to open up a couple more tables. Before I knew it I was up $5 from my starting capital! :s_biggrin: BRM said that I could play NL4 if I wanted to so I figured I would give it a shot. In retrospect I should have waited more than a week to do this! :f_o:

      My first hundred hands of NL4 everything was going according to plan. Then a few bad beats came, then a few more. I was well familiar with tilt from playing Starcraft and that familiar feeling was returning. Instead of stopping at $5 loss I decided to continue playing! Now in full tilt mode for the first time in my poker life I started loosening up my play just a bit, which resulted in me losing even more and diving deeper into a sea of rage. Now down below my original starting capital I was forced to quit; perhaps NL4 was too hard I thought, oblivious to the bad beats and tilt I had just encountered.

      The next few days I spent trying out some MTTs for fun and a different experience to see how that suited me. I played some PS freerolls and Welcome Lounge $1 BI tourneys. I won my 4th WL tourney for $18 and finished ITM in a couple of the freerolls. My bankroll was back on track! MTTs are fun and I would like to play more in the future, but for now I am determined to get better at MSS and cash games in general. So I went back to the NL4s. Now things were looking up. I was playing according to the charts and soon I found myself at $75 in my account and more importantly Silver status!! (thanks to bonus points of course)

      So far I couldn't be more happy with my performance! I plan on continuing with NL4 tables playing MSS for a while and improving my game.

      I apologize for the long and probably dry start to my blog but I wanted to get started and I will be updating regularly hopefully with more interesting content and of course good news regarding my poker career!

      I hope you will all enjoy my blog for its future and hopefully I will learn a thing or two along the way! :s_cool: For now this fish will go eat some BBs and try and grow into a shark.

      :heart: GiR
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    • IngridN
      Joined: 02.03.2011 Posts: 12,162
      Hi bcGiR,

      Warm welcome in our blogs section! :)

      We have many Starcraft player in da house! Errmm... let's see, start with our CEO Dominik :D

      Hope you enjoy your stay in our community and looking forward to follow your progress.

    • bcGiR
      Joined: 26.11.2011 Posts: 10
      Report from the battlefield

      Wish I had something good to say for my first post after starting this blog. However, I just ran bad today. I lost nearly every coinflip and things just were not going my way. Went into tilt mode and had to quit before I lost any more. X(

      Here's the graph:

      I have been wanting to switch to the BSS instead of MSS but the video recommended I play tens of thousands of hands with MSS before trying to switch. The reason is because I feel like BSS will have less variance and coinflips and rely more on decision making so that when I run bad I can look at my play and figure out why, instead of just seeing it as bad luck and tilt from bad luck making me do misplays.

      Anyways I will try again next session and just let this one go. Next time I report in I will most likely have a nice looking graph to show you all!

      Here's a pic of a kitty to have something nice to look at after that depressing graph:

      :heart: GiR~~
    • Silicernium
      Joined: 22.12.2009 Posts: 3,203
      I wanted to write earlier this day, but my PC had a problem.

      Wellcome to the blogger world. And your intro isn't boring or dry. :)

      What a bad start into your bloglive, but see it from the other side. It could only come better. :D

      Go ahead and don't take all the fishes away. I want also a few on Party. :)