+++Community Poll December 2011+++

    • IngridN
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      Hi Guys,

      I've decided to create a little space here for everyone to speak up regarding the discussion in our news section: Community Poll December 2011. I agree that a feedback poll should give you the opportunity to express yourself to the fullest.

      To make it user friendly and readable, we'll use this format to address your additional thoughts:)

      1. Survey question (i.e. #5. Do you take part in our daily freerolls?)
      2. Your answer
      3. Your additional thoughts and suggestions

      Very important: Please do not forget to take the survey as this will count towards the result just as much as your participation in this thread.

      I'm looking forward to hear from you all! Don't let me down and speak up!

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    • cpers
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      1. (10. What do you think about our live coaching sessions?)
      2. Occasionally.
      3. It doesn't fit with my timezone. Maybe it'd be nice, if there's a re-run of the live coaching.
    • Bigniux
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      Originally posted by IngridN
      dumb penguin imo :f_biggrin:

      There were some questions where i couldn't find the right answer(and obv couldn't skip the question), since i already done it, i can't check which were the questions. Maybe adding "Other(please type in):" option in more questions would help for that.

      Is there a way to see the questions, so i could give more detailed feedback? :)
    • Fagin
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      Daily freerolls - they are generally at completely the wrong time for me and on the wrong site so I don't play them - not by choice you understand as I would play some if I could.

      Last question (don't remember the number) regarding which rooms have improved security recently -

      How would I know?

      I play at 1 site, I have a few$ (less than $30) at a couple more and have no idea of the security measures taken by any sites other than the usual ID check (which I have never been asked to do despite having withdrawn over $2k over the last 30 months).