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Table selection so important in poker

    • ilovemagic
      Joined: 09.09.2011 Posts: 1,019
      I wanted to speak of how proper table selection could boost your bankroll all the more in long run. I find when I hand select each table I play at, I always win more. This is because I find tables with equal stacks to me sitting on my right, and shorter stacks sitting on the left of me, so my positional mistakes dont hurt me as much, and my opponents positional mistakes cost them their whole bankroll. I work the table by raising around 12-15% of preflops and see the flop about 22-24% of the time so I get action on my monsters. People wonder why they dont get any action of AA or KK but I am here to tell you sitting at a table and playing really tight, or playing against nits or rocks is not the way to profit with AA and KK. I find a way to balance my range as much as I can, by 3-betting lighter then normal ex KQs, 9-9+ occasionally, and limping UTG with A-xs or any suited connectors to make sure to balance the utg limp range as well. I am learning more and more that the more balanced decisions you make at the table, the more action you will get on your big hands. But table selection helps this as well, because you dont want to be getting AA and KK against players with stats in the range of 10/2- 13/8. these types of players blinds are easy to steal, but their stack moves in small chunks unless they have AA or KK. You need a couple TAG like players with 22/15 stats and a couple with 30/20 or even 40/5 stats to balance out the action and greaten your chances of making hay with AA and KK and any other speculative hands you might have, as well as allowing you to 3-bbet more hands and play the table into oblivion. Anyways thats my beginner's knowledge for today, thanks for reading :)

      Any thoughts?

      Cheers :) ,
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    • zilltine
      Joined: 20.03.2010 Posts: 395
      balancing limping range is pointless.

      When i saw topic i expected something like this:

      Originally posted by ilovemagic
      -Every fish at 6-max table gives you 2bb/100
      -Table selected tables allows you to play with 1.5 more fish at table on average.
      -Not table selecting costs you 3bb/100, or ~1BI per session, or your bankroll per month.


      So, please, stay away from my tables.
      Just made with reasonable math.