Which Poker Software do I buy?

    • germany5590
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      Hi friends,

      I am contemplating purchasing a Poker Software, but I want to make the right decision before I finally make my mind up about what one to get. I have started the trial version for Pokertracker. I generally enjoyed Pokertracker for the first few weeks, until I realised that a lot of my results have no been tracked. I know that because there were tournaments a kind of cashed a bit in and it did show up. I am not sure this is just something I am doing wrong or if it has something to do with the software. I also used Super HUD for a bit, but I must say that I am a bit cautious about this, because I don't know how accurate pokerprolabs data is.
      I was browsing through the forum and I saw the Holdem Manager2 and I must say after have a look at the screenshots that HM2 looks like the real deal. I have not trialed it yet, but I was wondering if you could maybe tell me a bit more about what I have to look out for before purchasing one of the softwares. I am not a very advanced player, so the easier to use/understand the better. Thanks for the help
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    • NIVEKii
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      I have not tried HEM2, but I have used HEM for quite some time and I am happy about it. I also am trialing (and buying after 30 days) Tableninja now on a new pc. If you're serious about grinding STT's, MTSNG for real it's a must have too.

      I do believe HEM2 is more newbie friendly, so it shouldn't be that hard to understand. There is also Pokertracker, that will release a new version as well (PT4) which basically does the same as HEM. It's down to personal preference when choosing between those two to be honest.
    • Silicernium
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      If you are mostly play CG, than you can use also the elephant. I use the elephant and I am very satisfied with the software.

      Unfortunately the software have no HUD for SNGs and MTTs. :(
    • luizsilveira
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      Just use all trials that you can and make your choice.

      I would just recommend waiting for Pocker Tracker 4 anyway. They're in closed beta testing now (I'm one of the testers) and it should go open early next year.

      Once it does, you can just basically use it for free for a while since, well, it's still a beta. Then you can better compare it no HM2 (provided you'll also use HM2's trial).