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[NL2-NL10] 77 NL25 Party

    • StewyVitler
      Joined: 10.11.2007 Posts: 31
      Known players: (for a description of vp$ip, pfr, ats, folded bb, af, wts, wsd or hands click here)      

      0.10/0.25 No-Limit Hold'em (8 handed)
      Hand recorder used for this poker hand: Texas Grabem 1.9 by

      Preflop: Hero is BU with 7:heart: , 7:club: . CO posts a blind of $0.25.
      UTG+2 folds, MP1 calls $0.25, 2 folds, CO checks, Hero raises to $1.50, 2 folds, MP1 calls $1.25, CO folds.

      Flop: ($3.60) 8:diamond: , 6:diamond: , K:heart: (2 players)
      MP1 checks, Hero bets $1.60, MP1 raises to $6.00, Hero folds.

      Final Pot: $11.20

      Two overcards + flush draw and his check to me was very sheepish (I thought 88 or draw, also he played alot of hands OOP) With an insta re-raise I had a trash hand and a bad feeling. The pot at the beginning of the flop was only 3.60 my remaining stack 2.90 the pot wasn't double my stack so i made a contibet (i did mess the bet up - supposed to be 1.80) but like I said I got an insta re-raise so I thought an easy fold.........?
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    • Gremlin68
      Joined: 18.08.2006 Posts: 345
      Having left only $ 2,90 in a 3,6 pot push flop.
    • StewyVitler
      Joined: 10.11.2007 Posts: 31
      im really not happy of this hand im sure i did the right thing as far as trash hands and sss rules go but would appreciate an analysis of sorts
    • SonicXT
      Joined: 15.06.2007 Posts: 4,736
      You got 2 choices here basically.
      Push flop and hope he folds or calls on a FD, or check/behind flop and fold if you don't improve on the turn.

      A squeemish 40 % pot bet is asking for troubles.
    • StewyVitler
      Joined: 10.11.2007 Posts: 31
      heres sort of where im stuck - under trash hands in the SSS after i raised preflop and got a trash hand (which might as well have been AQ) against one opponent who checks - a 1/2 to 2/3 pot size contibet is required or prefered...... when re-raised you have to fold? so my question is I guess -

      Is the potsize after my failed contibet (which should've been more, in this case 1.80 min. instead of 1.60) too much to fold or is that irrelevant when holding a trash hand?

      ps. appreciate the posts guys:)
    • dallievas
      Joined: 30.11.2007 Posts: 822
      both Gremlin68 and SonicXT are right.According to basic SSS thrash hand against one opp on flop you should cbet 1/2-2/3 pot size bet (have to bet 1,8-2,3),but if pot is bigger than your stack push no matter what your opp is doing.I think push is better action cos anyway you pot committed on flop.Big stacks like to put pressure on us little ones even without hand cos that don`t cost them to much (but I think you know that).SonicXT`s advice is more practical(maybe for higher limits),that if you have strong feeling in guts that you are behind(instinct or smth)check/f if you not improved on turn,can save some bucks and need lees rebuy.
      At the beginning of my poker interest when I watched TV shows I always thinking, how they can call that hand if they knowing that they most likely beaten,what are
      clowns are those pros.But when I start acting that I`m reading some books on
      poker I learned that is mistake to call bad call,but even worst mistake to fold winning hand,cos that cost you more in long term. :)
      Good luck.
    • Berliner1982
      Joined: 12.07.2006 Posts: 5,644
      You´re potcommitted on the flop so its either push or fold (here giving up and checking behind). Since your opponent checked to you, you push.