why complaining to Customer retention managers makes sense

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      was e-mailed this last week:

      "Hi there,

      My name’s James and I’m sending this request on behalf of the Customer Retention Management Team at PKR.com

      I apologise for the imposition, but I was hoping you might be able to give me some feedback as to why you haven’t been active on PKR recently.

      If you’re no longer playing poker then feel free to ignore this email, but if you’re playing elsewhere then it would be really useful to hear your feedback about what PKR could do better and what might make you think about switching back to our platform, or playing more regularly with us?

      I’d really appreciate any information you think is relevant and I’m more than happy to try and help deal with any issues you might have had. Emails sent in reply will come direct to my personal mailbox and I would be happy to answer any questions or get back to you with a response where appropriate.

      Many thanks for your time,

      James Bach
      Customer Retention Management

      I responded:

      "Main reason I left PKR for greener pastures is because:

      1) You guys weren't happy to let me cash out my 82% cleared deposit bonus, neither is it made clear on advertising/banners on your affiliates that this must be cleared in full before it is accessible.

      2) Multitable SnG traffic isn't great, so unless I want to play cashgames, I had little choice.

      3) flat 30% rakeback is nice, but reduced rake elsewhere makes it less of a major positive. I prefer the mass multitabling potential of the likes of stars. Software doesn't have much support for this, as opposed to Party, Stars or , FTP.

      they responded:

      Hi Conall and thanks for the feedback,

      You'll be glad to hear that after a few years of debate we have now launched incremental bonuses which pay out in $10 bundles, so targets aren't a real issue any more. Let me know if you'd like a deposit code and I'll sort you out with one worth 40% rakeback ($10 for every $25 you rake), plus 4-7% PKR Point value on top.

      The traffic does vary, but now winter is here there will be more activity and games going, so hopefully you'll notice a bit of improvement there.

      The multi-tabling issues in 3D are a challenge and I can't argue there are better systems (although I think ours is still the most fun to play with less than 4 tables). We are working on this and hope to improve it in future releases.

      Thanks again for taking the time to give us your feedback Conall,

      James Bach
      Customer Retention Management

      I said I was interested, and I got this response:

      Hi Conall,

      No expiration date. I have attached the Ts and Cs and added your username to the restricted list for it. The code is -censored-.

      Have a great Xmas!

      "-censored since this is the bonus code- reload incremental bonus Ts & Cs

      (1) This offer is only open to the intended recipient of this email on their next deposit of $10 or more.

      (2) The bonus code JABBA must be used when depositing to qualify for this bonus.

      (3) Qualifying deposits must be made by 23:59:59 GMT on Sunday, 29 January 2012.

      (4) The total pending bonus amount will equal 50% of the next deposit amount up to a maximum total bonus of $250.

      (5) The bonus will be credited in $10 amounts for every 2,500 PKR Points earned. Bonus payments will be automatically credited after reaching the required number of PKR Points.

      (6) Only PKR Points accumulated through participation in real money ring games and real money tournaments will count towards clearing the bonus. Any PKR Points earned through PKR Point tournaments, grants or gifts do not qualify for releasing the bonus.

      (7) The bonus expires 60 days after the qualifying deposit date. No further bonus payments will be made after this date.

      (8) Only one bonus per household.

      (9) This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other bonus offer. Any current bonuses must be completed before playing requirements towards this promotion will be valid.

      (10) Players suspected of deliberately re-depositing existing funds from their account or making an immediate withdrawal of funds used to activate the bonus will be viewed as abusing the spirit of this promotion. This may result in the withdrawal of the bonus from the player without compensation and possible exclusion from future bonus offers.

      (11) In the event of any dispute, the decision of PKR poker management is final and correspondence will not be entered into.

      (12) PKR reserves the right to suspend, alter or withdraw this promotion for whatever reason without notice."
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