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    • Scarynoob44
      Joined: 26.11.2011 Posts: 196
      Hello pokerstrategy grinders :)

      My name is Peter, iam 20 years old and iam from Czech Republic. I have been playing poker for like 4 months, but i wasnt taking it seriously until now. I would love to improve my play and i guess here is a very good opportunity to do so.
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    • Scarynoob44
      Joined: 26.11.2011 Posts: 196
      #1 Homework:

      :spade: Question 1: What is your motivation for playing poker?

      - I was always amazed by fulltime poker players - they can work whenever they want to, there is involved travelling to other countries in poker carrier and of course you can win a really nice amount of money in poker :)

      :spade: Question 2: What are your weaknesses when playing poker?

      - One of my biggest weakness i know is trying to play as many tables as it is possible and play autopilot poker, when i try to play for example 4 full ring tables iam getting bored and start playing hands i shouldnt etc.

      - Playing draws - i read article about odds, pot odds and implied odds, but whever i get oesd or flush draw i know most of the time pot odds tells me not to continue, but thats why there are implied odds, i understand how implied odds works, but i dont know how to use it, because i dont know if opponent is going to pay me when i hit ( i guess i will have to train my putting people on hands to make this works).

      - I have also problems with TPTK getting raise on flop or turn, iam folding like 95% of the time (when iam playing against maniac i dont fold ofc), but i think it too nitty.

      :spade: Question 3: What does it mean to play tight aggressive?

      - Tight agressive is created from two words: Tight - you play certain range of hands (strong hands), Agressive - when you join the game, you are playing your hands agressively, because you want to put pressure on your opponets and giving them opportunities to make mistakes and that is our goal in poker - people making mistakes while playing against you.
    • veriz
      Joined: 20.07.2008 Posts: 65,504
      Welcome to the Course and Best of Luck. Good job! Homework #1 Done!

      Most of the weakness you wrote can easily be fixed by posting hands (analyzing your session). We will start writing feedback to your play. Usually negative feedback will put you into thinking phase and trying to fix all those leaks. It's almost the same as you lose money, you will remember it more than winning part. By this situation it's gonna be that negative feedback you gonna remember and try to avoid them next time.

      What about tilt, do you adjust to it? For example:
      Easiest way to fight against tilt is to set up stop-loss technique. Which means if you for example have lost more than 3BIs for a session then you just stop the session for some time. The BI amount is set up from your own results. Some may put it higher, some lower. Also after the stop you can spend some time with evaluation part to become better.

      Playing too many tables is just horrible. You wont concentrate playing solid poker or either playing against opponents. You will just play your hands and that's it. If you are good at playing a lot tables and have great winrate then why not to use the strategy of multitabling. But if you rather are new to poker I would strongly advice to concentrate on the play and play less tables. Get the understanding of poker preflop/postflop play and what is the correct play and what ain't. Usually it's the opposite to making money with playing a lot more tables if you are beginner. You will do a lot more mistakes with it.

      Tight style is usually called playing selected hands. Like following the Starting Hand Chart. Aggressive should be also pretty clear that already the word says how you should be playing. But the problem playing aggressively is that you have to watch that you don't play too aggressive. Find good spots, find good targets. About The tight-aggressive strategy you can read in this article: "What is the Big Stack Strategy?"

      Hopefully you will enjoy the Course.