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    • pibomarco
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      Hi everybody!

      I play online poker for about 2-3 years .. more seriously about a year.. At first I only played 9max SNGs 1-3$BI and made aprox 180$ but later i finished with 50$ of profit.. with aprox 1500 games played.. i've tryed cash and i liked it more.. so i stopped playing sngs..
      Well, I have done a lot of mistakes, mainly because, impatience, cupidity, or when I could not stopmyself playing and tilt ofcourse.
      I played more or less multi-table cash games 6-max (micro) .. almost a year ago i spend the last dollar on pokerstars (aprox -500$, extra bonuses ect not included).. I've decided to stop playing poker for a longer period of time becuse i lost faith in it.. But then the same or next day i got email from 888poker, where they promoted their new hit - web cam tables! Because i am more of a curious guy, i've deposited $15 and went into action .. after a few days of playing I realized that this was something for me where i was feeling very comfortable! And in a month made aprox 290$ profit.
      Then I also bought a license for holdem indicator, which is a must!

      Now to the facts :f_cool:

      I was playing from April cash game 6 max (one table only!) NL 3/6cents on CAM tables only!

      and from 15$ iv'e made aprox 1200$ profit :s_cool:

      here are my shitty stats :f_cool:

      aprox 60.000 hands
      VPIP: 30
      PFR: 9
      AF: 2,4
      3bet|F: 3|43
      Steal|F: 18|71
      CBet|F: 73|53

      In month of october i started playing more sng's and less cash.. i loved sngs because on 6 max the first three players are in the money. So i've started playing 6max turbo with $2,50 BI, after 500games played i moved up to $6BI..

      Now i play mostly 6max turbo $6 and $11BI and just recently started playing also 21,50$ DON 8 max turbo..

      i've finished playing cashgames.. sngs only now..

      CAM tables are awsome because most of palyers are :f_p: :f_p:
      And i got used on bad beats which means i tilted very rare which is very important to control this shit :) That's why i still didnt loose all my BR like on pokerstars:)

      So i hope the reading wasnt that hard or annoying, because of my english :f_biggrin:
      so till next update:)

      BR: $1450
      bonus: $45
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    • KozakFB
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      Wow dude sick work.

      Nice graph, I'm heaps jelly :P And yeah 888 6-Max are really great, top 3 get paid which is sick considering most sites only pay top 2 for 6-Max.

      I play at 888 too except I play the 40 Mans, trying to roll myself for the 3+ 9man and 6max SnGs.

      Maybe we'll run into each other one day :P


      Did I mention how nice your graph was?
    • pibomarco
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      tnx dude :)

      yeah thats true 888 has nice games.. thats why im more into sngs now and i can collect more bonus points then on cash..

      i'm sure we will :) maybe you can try playing sngs 6 max turbo CAM tables.. 3$ - 6$BI.. competition is very soft, without regulars.. and playing is more fun to see people in person.. just have to get used on bad beats and donks.. but on a long run should be graph positive if you are able to control tilt, be patient, knowing basic rules for sngs ect.. :)

      tnx for the graph.. i think it could be much better, because there is still a lot of leaks and i could improve my game more.. in 2012 im also thinking to take one coach for DON's.. found one on 888 and he is killing them :)

      good luck!:)