My down-swing dealing receipe

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      1. Statistics - In order for one to deal with variance he must understand what stands behind it and what exactly does it mean (start reading here). After understanding it you will give it more respect and know that it is part of the game and will happen from time to time.

      2. "A" game - Always try to play your A game, if you can`t then don't play on a given day. If you play your A game while you are in down-swing you will lose the minimum.

      3. Review you game - As a rule, after every session or 2-3 session at the maximum, open your Sit And Go Wizard Program (Get it here) and review your game. Make sure that you learn from every session and realize that you could not do anything different probably and the gods of poker just don`t like you today.

      4. Go down - If you have a good self discipline I will suggest that you will take a step down from the limits that you are playing. Played 30$ games? Go down to the 15`s. Your luck can change there and you will encounter much more bad players that will give you the feeling that it can go much much worse.

      5. ROI - This one suppose to be obvious. If you are not a wining player, and never was one, you are not on down swing you are just playing bad. Go open books, read here or on other forums and improve your game. If your down swing is more than about 85% from the recommended bankroll of your game, you are probably playing either bad or tilting.

      6. Graphs - Looking at other player graphs can give you hope. You can log into and search for the best sit and go players. Now take a look over their graphs, you will see that even the best ones have really bad down swings and probably worse than what you have.

      7. Take a break - Taking a break of couple of days can make you more calm, and more focused when you will come back to the tables. Do something for yourself other than poker. DO NOT THINK about it for a couple of days. I can assure you that things will look different when you will come back.

      8. Forums - Let go of your frustration by writing about it in poker forums. You will see that a lot of people will support you and make you feel better about yourself and your game. You will be able to post your previous hands and get different opinions.

      9. Mental game - Probably the most important concept that I have left to the end on purpose. Have a good mentality, always try to remember about the times that thing went well for you and you were on up swing (which is the other good side of variance). Know that it will end sooner or later and that you are a good solid wining player. No matter what AVOID TILTING. Tilting will destroy your bankroll and your game, you will just keep losing and losing until god knows when. If you want to let go your emotions and frustration, go to the gym, go running or do some martial arts. It will help you. Try not to break your computer and the most important thing try as much as you can not to be mad. If you are reacting to bad beats like the guy in the next movie, then maybe poker is not for you...

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    • Tunatic
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      Great thread, I'm one of the players that often go on a tilt, and this helps. Thanks.
    • deezer79
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      Dealing with tilt myself now (ongoing basis) and decided to take a nice break. Loved the vid! Thought I would read Jared Tendler's book and then try CG as am usually SnG player. Couldn't stay away tho and played a 6-man SnG; doubled one guy up who put it all on bottom pair and then was bubble boy when SB A-10 shoved my 20BB J-J. Obvious outcome there.
      Might dive in now and then but Pokerstars is treating me like a Thai hooker (running bad and high variance SnGs are working my booty), so wont take it seriously. Casually wasting my roll. While I play at lower stakes I don't feel I take the game as serious cos the money doesn't mean much, but playing my best seems to be detrimental also.
      Will finish the book and see if there's a miraculous change in my attitude. If not, you think he'll give me a refund? :) .
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      i find the best thing to do when i start losing is start hitting and running a couple days just to take a win, then start counting how many days in a row i win, even if it's small, then momentum builds....unorthadox, but it works...mostly for cash games though