Free 50$ playing limits and bankroll type

    • Hengemzoveris
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      Im new here and I have some questions about my 50$ bankroll. When doing quiz i had to select bankroll type (Fl, Nl or SnG). I passed SnG quiz, got 50$ at Everest but it has really poor SnG and Fl traffic so only choice here is to play NL.
      The question is do i have to change type of bankroll (from sng to nl) somewhere? Before quiz it said I can change it at anytime but I wasn't able to find any information about that. And what limits I can play at? 0,01/0,02 NL, 1$ Sng and 0,05/0,10 FL if I remember correctly? Thanks for your help.
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    • Silicernium
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      Welcome at Pokerstrategy and congratulation to pass the quiz! :)

      With the starting bankroll you can play what ever you want. OK, only the beginner limits, but you can choose FL, NL or SnGs.

      At Party the limits are:

      • No-Limit: $0.02/0.04
      • Fixed Limit: $0.10/0.20
      • Sit and Go: $1 Buy-in
      • Multitable-Tournier: $1 Buy-in
    • ThatGuyMatt
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      It doesn't matter which Game type you play, you can do anything with your $50.

      As for BRM (Bankroll Management) Remember Your Bankroll / 25 = Buyin. So NL2 if you follow properly :) Or NL4 if you plan to buyin with only $2.
    • IngridN
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      Hi Hengemzoveris,

      Welcome to our community! Very friendly and helpful as you can see :)

      I can see that you're receiving your free $50 starting capital at Everest Poker.

      Question is, can you really keep the $50? The money is yours but you have to start playing within 30 days of receiving the $50, otherwise it will be taken off of your account.

      And as soon as you have collected 1,000 Summit Points and 120 days have passed, you can withdraw your $50 and your winnings.

      Playing No limit is a good start and here we suggest some tricks and tipps:

      Hope this helps