tracking of fulltilt account for strategy points

    • mega5000
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      hello i've been a member of Poker stategy for quite some time and i have to say you a taught me alot about the ways and plays of poker. i signed up and deposited my bonus into a titan account. but due to some bad beats i lost the lot :( no problem. since then, i have been having some success on the freerolls at fulltilt poker and have had built up a safe microlimit bankroll of $10, with which i had been playing the Sng and sticking with stategys learned from this site, i have been winning.

      now i have learned what i can from the bronze level of information and in looking for more extensive training i have started (and practically finished) reading Dan Harringtons poker book on strategic play Volume one and from this i have pushed my measly $10 into a relatively safe $180 thus securing me a proper bankroll from absolutely nought. however i have not forgot you guys who started me off so thank you.

      now the question i want answering is probably a NO but i'll try it out anyways cos i feel if it becomes a maybe of even a YES it would help me to become muchos better.

      Is there anyway of tracking my fulltilt account so that i can earn stategy points for this site?

      thank you


      AKA 4ztecgld (on fulltilt)
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    • SoyCD
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      Hi mega5000,

      Its nice to hear you remember your roots :) Sadly we cannot re-track Full-Tilt account. If you want to continue earning points you would need to deposit with our code at one of the other sites or play at Titan :o

      Best regards and good luck continuing to grow your BR!

      Best regards,