Am i the bad guy?

    • jazey
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      I thought i would test the water a little bit and play some HU 4NL tonight. Never really played HU but done some reading/watching, felt i was ready to play and actually really enjoyed it.

      I wont mention any names but after looking at the HU tables found someone sat on their own, bought in for $4 and asked if he was waiting for anyone imparticular before posting blinds. He said no lets play, and so we did!

      After around 350 hands I had made my way up to about $20 (with only the original buy-in) And typed in the chat box:

      "Hey dude, sorry its getting late, im gonna have to call it a night in about ten mins i have an early start, do you want to play another time?"

      At which point i got called a lucker and watched as the abuse came through.

      I understand he was maybe a little tilty as i had just taken around 4 buy-ins from him (from faily good play i thought) I just wanted to know if im missing something? And if i am what is the standard etiquette for playing HU?


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    • SRBSavic1
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    • PocketAcesJohn
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      Don't play NL4 HU, it's not profitable because of rake. Play HU S&G's if you want to play HU until your rolled for NL50 or 100
    • gadget51
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      Hi jazey,

      So, let's see; you took this guy for about 4 bI or so, yes? He flames you for doing this, es? You feel a bit , meh, not so much guilty but a little off shall we say, yes?

      You played well and he paid you off, is that right?

      Ok, jazey;

      1. woohoo, you found a guy willing to pay you off for a few BI! Nice going!
      Take a note and remember him and go find him next time! :)

      2. He was tilted you say andf flamed and abused you in the chat box?
      Take a note and add to some sort of buddy list wehre you can find him again. :)

      3. You outplayed him and he got a bit uppity about it?
      Take a note and ...woah wait minute, there's a pettern here yes?

      Got a problem stacking pilchards or wot jazey! Lol

      Best regards always,

    • jazey
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      Hell yeah i put notes on him, all i wondered was if he was just tilty or if i deserved it . Never really played HU before so thought 4NL would be a good place to start, but didnt think of HU sngs. cheers for the advise.
    • Ohs
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      Im currently beating NL2 HU cash above 40BB/100 over 10k hands :s_cool: . Even though it is not a great sample I think it shows you can have an edge big enough to show reasonable profit since the competition is very poor.
    • KozakFB
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      The only etiquette I've seen at HU that most people seem to respect is not hit'n'running after winning your opponents BI in a small amount of hands.
    • Tarhonya
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      Online Poker Etiquette @ micros?
    • NightFrostaSS
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      Meh, you've played a while and gave time warning before leaving, so all cool, your opponent was a bitch
    • elhh82
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      you should've set a date for a replay, and request to move up stakes too.