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[NL2-NL10] freeplay double pair

    • oewems
      Joined: 28.10.2007 Posts: 657
      I'm smeweo; got dealt double pair on the big blind... but i feared a flush
      right play ?

      Start spel 3058183271.

      shark00 is zitplaats 0 met $7,49.
      smeweo is zitplaats 1 met $1,85.
      DreadFox is zitplaats 2 met $14,25.
      HPL1953 is zitplaats 3 met $2.
      tombrain is zitplaats 4 met $18,27.
      LeRoux is zitplaats 5 met $10,28.
      totylkorelax is zitplaats 6 met $3,31.
      Fuxxx@Hier is zitplaats 7 met $9,99.
      Zecke86 is zitplaats 8 met $12,65.
      CLAMOSANBRI is zitplaats 9 met $8,28.

      De dealer is zitplaats 9.

      shark00 plaatst een blind van $,05.
      smeweo plaatst een blind van $,10.

      (smeweo krijgt 6c Jc.)

      DreadFox folds.
      tombrain calls voor $,10.
      LeRoux folds.
      totylkorelax calls voor $,10.
      Zecke86 folds.
      CLAMOSANBRI folds.
      shark00 calls voor $,05.
      smeweo checks.

      De flop is
      Js 6d 9s.

      shark00 checks.
      smeweo zet $,25 in.
      tombrain folds.
      totylkorelax calls voor $,25.
      shark00 folds.

      De turn is 2s.

      smeweo checks.
      totylkorelax zet $,90 in.
      smeweo folds.
      $,90 is terug gegeven aan totylkorelax.

      totylkorelax mucks.
      totylkorelax wint de pot van ($,86).
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    • dallievas
      Joined: 30.11.2007 Posts: 822
      Who can say now who was the genius,who was donkey? I would bet 0,35 on flop
      cos you have 2 pairs,and definitely not check on turn-push all in or pot bet;with
      ckecking you not show him power and he could move on you with pair,PP or on draw for nut flush(maybe had suited A),he knows too that you afraid of flush. Bluffing is about exploiting opponents fears. :) But even if you would be beaten by
      flush you have 2 pairs and some outs for full house- I don`t remember exactly,but
      seems 7:1 draw odds. :)
    • Berliner1982
      Joined: 12.07.2006 Posts: 5,644
      Please use a hand converter in the future, it makes it much easier for the judges to evaluate your hand.

      Two Pair is a strong hand on the flop we want to protect. So we play 2/3 pot bet and push against any reraise.
      Our goal is it, to bet enough on the flop that we get called and be able to go all-in on any Turn, because we are pot committed with our hand (which is strong enough to go to the Showdown and be the best hand).