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Adjustments on mega fishy tables?

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    • wazawanga
      Joined: 16.09.2009 Posts: 1,720
      Originally posted by elhh82
      playing the $22 micros atm. Just wanna find more profitable lines vs the influx of holiday fish. The game dynamic is very different when 4/5 if them show up on the table, the usually tag style seems to be much less effective when we have much fewer 1st in opportunities and also have to play multiway postflop a lot more.

      thanks for your input anyway, its quite true. I did run much better when I accidentally played a $55 without realising it until after I won
      haha 22$ are not really micros , this means for me the games are sooooo soft that even a player like you can win , who ask on forum how do i make money from fish ?

      it is very simple strategy my friend : you put in money with good hand and the fish pays you off with worse and you win
    • ghaleon
      Joined: 17.10.2007 Posts: 5,940
      Don't try actual steals on these tables. So open raising weak offsuit kings from button is just waste of chips. Focus on postflop playability of hand, because thats where you end up. So it is not necessarily about tightening up, but just bit different focus on hand ranges.

      Also loose isolation raises are often not good idea, but overlimp might be decent option as isolation won't work in fish tables. You don't really want to make loose isolation raise ang get isolated versus three fish :f_grin: With overlimp you get to abuse more of those huge mistakes villains are going to do postflop. This obviously on first blind levels.

      Cbets... Well you cbet to take down the pot. If they don't fold then don't cbet without hand you can do it as value. Balancing is obviously futile. That goes for cbet sizes as well. Often cbetting high card flops has more value as these players tend to give way more respect to those where as other regs might be more interested to float. In flops like 852r they might call just for top pair draw and thinking "he has nothing". This often goes to extremes so try to find those spots to take that thin value. Also don't be afraid to calldown pretty loose sometimes.