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stud h/l cash at pokerstars

    • Lazza61
      Joined: 23.03.2011 Posts: 11,175
      hey guys
      started playing .04/.08 stud h/l on stars on thursday and have been going alright
      current pt stud stats
      HANDS 1,090
      VP$IP 38.72%
      WON $8.40
      BB/100h 9.63
      WON$WS4th 45.40%
      WON$WS5th 49.24%
      WON$WS6th 58.74%
      WON$WSRiv 62.09%
      WON$ AT SD 69.12%
      WON HI % 16.24%
      WON LO % 8.44%
      WON SCOOP 11.38%

      would appreciate any comments / advice given

      still don't understand y i go ok at stud h/l. maybe because i played razz before h/l and have a healthy respect for the power of low draws

      Anyway use to crush Eddingtons freeroll on stars 2wins 6 ft 23 tickets avge field size 3,500

      Also go alright in triple stud played only twice in stars weekly round 2 for 2 cashes 90th for $2 and about 500th for .80c out of 6,500

      i like all poker variants except badugi which is an absolute bluffing paradise

      if u want to play with me i'm laz1961 at stars

      although maybe u should pick another table because i'm looking to

      crush.. crush.. CRUSH!!!
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    • Lazza61
      Joined: 23.03.2011 Posts: 11,175
      update from last session

      HANDS 444
      VP$IP 43.47%
      WON $4.02
      BB/100h 11.32
      WON$WS4th 42.54%
      WON$WS5th 46.19%
      WON$WS6th 55,29%
      WON$WSRiv 58.67%
      WON$ AT SD 67.48%
      WON HI % 16.22%
      WON LO % 9.01%
      WON SCOOP 11.94%

      HANDS 1,534
      VP$IP 40.09%
      WON $12.42
      BB/100h 10.12
      WON$WS4th 44.53%
      WON$WS5th 48.29%
      WON$WS6th 57.65%
      WON$WSRiv 61.03%
      WON$ AT SD 68.61%
      WON HI % 16.23%
      WON LO % 8.60%
      WON SCOOP 11.54%

      tilted badly when got 7th streeted every showdown when 1 tabling. thankfully more tables opened so got to 3 tables. incidentally original table kept 7th streeting me until i lose 2 BI but other 2 tables ended up winning 2 BI on both without shenanigans of 1st table. multitabling really does reduce variance :D

      happy NY and remember

      crush.. crush... CRUSH!!!
    • Lazza61
      Joined: 23.03.2011 Posts: 11,175
      latest update

      yesterday overall
      HANDS 1,432 HANDS 2,966
      VP$IP 35.54% VP$IP 37.90%
      WON -$4.37 WON $8.05
      BB/100h -3.81 BB/100h 3.39
      WON$WS4th 42.44% WON$WS4th 43.56%
      WON$WS5th 45.06% WON$WS5th 46.77%
      WON$WS6th 52.74% WON$WS6th 55.35%
      WON$WSRiv 54.94% WON$WSRiv 58.15%
      WON$ AT SD 65.42% WON$ AT SD 67.12%
      WON HI % 15.85% WON HI % 16.05%
      WON LO % 5.87% WON LO % 7.28%
      WON SCOOP 9.71% WON SCOOP 10.65%

      just an absolute terrible day. stars started some new VIP incentives and tweaked the software for the fishes. five times that i had trips that didn't improve i was rivered with a 7 (only the 7) for 56789 straight. there is a definite pattern and i will be throwing away trips on the river to any straight draw. had 11 flushes, 6 of which were beaten by full houses, 2 by larger flushes. In over 1400 hands i got the wheel 5 times, only scooped once and actually got quartered in one hand where villain had flush as well as wheel. Never actually seen that in stud, although i know it's chronic in Omaha8

      will try again today but will really be tightening up my range and looking to play only connected or suited low draws as well as 3 runner straights and any three flush cards. Fuck pocket pairs, got so many of them that they are as negative EV as 72o in holdem

      if any fellow strategists were playing stud 8 yesterday (cash), that in particularly full ring games there were all 8 door cards 6 and unde including 2 aces, in some cases three or four hands in a row.... strange? it gets better, 4 players stay in hand then next 3 streets come up with 11 low and 1 high.... the twist is the high card was always J. most times i remember it to be a club but i'm sure other suits were involved. One hand in particular was absolute carnage when 4 villains went to showdown and all turned over low draws lmfao. the poor guy with 76 low probably should have realised he was beaten, but no doubt was very surprised to find he was 4th best :D . On other occasions plenty of showdown hands involving 3 low hands as weel as other ones where villain eventually folded 8 lows.

      i apologise if this sounds like a tirade but no, that was last night,and now it's tomorrow morning but i would like to tell you guys two things

      1) i'll be back again today

      2)WARNING!!!!!! Not only watch your opponents ......WATCH THE SOFTWARE
      seriously yesterday was like playing in a dream

      Quote of the day:"the soft is in a really bad mood today" - can't remember name of player :D

      anyway i better go back and hit the tables again

      this is Lazza from Oz signing off and remember

      crush... crush.... CRUSH!!!!!!!