elephant wont start

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    • Silicernium
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      If you have biiig luck, you can find a file named postmaster.pid
      You have looked for postmaster.pid inside this path: C:\Programs\PostgreSQL\8.3\data

      Or search postmaster.pid on your PC. This file do not need to be inside the exactly path?. It could be anywhere else on your PC. But the path need to have postgre inside. Hope you understand me. :)

      If there is no file, i fear, that you have to install postgr new. But may be someone else have an idea.

      Unfortunately, i have no english translation about the steps to delete postgr.

      Ah, look inside this thread and this post. Maybe it is a prob like this one?
    • mrk1988
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      Hey summerbank,

      please take a look at this:

      Deinstalling PostgreSQL correctly

      Install postgreSQL 8.3 with your own credentials afterwards. Write them down because you will need them to create a new database.

      Let us know if you are having trouble during the installation of postgreSQL.
    • summerbank
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      Ok thanx guys