Rakeback question!!

    • MarshallPrs
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      Hey, I have a question about rakeback that hopefully someone with experience can answer for me.
      A little history about myself, I started playing on Absolute (which explains why I don't have any points on this site) in college last year and sucked bad, did all the typical mistakes. When my bankroll fell to $30 in September i decided i'm never reloading again and changed my game to sngs. Well after months of learning the game I've won a few hundred and am looking at taking it much more seriously this summer (i.e. playing a lot more games, multi tabling) but I wasn't smart enough to start my account with rakeback. I e-mailed Absolute support asking them if i can sign up with a rakeback site now and it looks like the answer is no.
      My question is, how should I deal with this? If i'm going to be putting in high volumes of play I want to make some of my rake back, should I cash out my money and start fresh on a new site? If it's my only option I will do it, but it's hard to leave your first poker site after you've established yourself as a steady winner.
      Anyways, any feedback would be nice.
      Thanks for reading.
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    • swissmoumout
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      well definitely leave AP, then where you go is personal choice really... FTP has 27% rakeback, I think unibet and 1-2 other PS affiliates also have high rakeback, and the other rooms have "indirect" rakeback. Like Party, stars and most iPoker skins (not sure about titan) where the more you play, the higher your status => the more points you earn, and you can exchange the points for cash.
    • Pacer357
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      Absolute Poker is defenetly not the place to play, you will be sorry you ever paid rake there.
      Read a few pages here and find out why.