Is deezer a donk?

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      Thought of a cool idea for a thread and I think it would help me quite a bit. The nature of it is fairly selfish but I hope others with get enjoyment or perhaps learn something from ongoing discussion.

      Come test me! I will do my best to answer questions from anyone kind enough to spend their time coming up with them. Ideally I would like you to give me certain scenarios (poker related please), I will respond with how I would react at the table in those situations. Could be to do with hand ranges, how I would act in certain table positions with specific hands, how I would bet on board textures etc etc.

      Please give me as complete a picture of these situations as you can (my stack, their stack, how many in the hand, position, community cards (if post flop play relevant), is this cg or sng - my answer will be surely judged by these things. The question may need to continue, for example I told someone that facing a pre-flop min raise and call that I would 3-bet from the small blind with AQ - the questioner may want to know what I'd do facing a 4-bet (to discover my donkism). Clearly the thread could get messy. Or no one might want to get involved :) .

      I need to find the flaws in my play and this seems like a good way to do it. Obviously I'm asking even more of you by giving opinions on how I respond to your imaginary scenarios and most importantly, calling me a donk if deserved. Hopefully this will open debate on how a player should act in a certain situation so we all can benefit. It's selfish to have you guys quiz just me but the debate on my donk/competent answers may help many.

      Keep in mind that I've done all the basic strategy quizes has to offer but those kind of questions are what I have in mind, just at a more advanced level. Thanks to all those who want to help me analyze my game.
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