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      Hey guy's...I deposit 80$ in William Hill and i want to start build my roll what is best way and most easy in William Hill?
      Jack Pot S&G 12 man is good 2,2$ Buy In...
      And where i start?What is good article's???

      Thanks Every1 :s_cool:
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      Hi there Mon3yMaChin3,

      First of all... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

      Secondly, I have moved your post to the William Hill board where it will get more attention and hopefully some answers :)

      Building a bankroll is not easy, so the best place to start is to play the game type you enjoy the most whether its cash games, MTTs, SNGs, Omaha etc.

      Once you've chosen this, it is really important to note what levels you are bankrolled for.

      From your example: $80 / $2.20 = 36 games

      This, imo is not enough. Realistically, I would prefer the minimum of 75 buy-ins for any limit of SNGs. This is the general consensus amongst the members and coaches here. Although there are cases where you can use less (for example: you have previously beaten this limit over a large sample)

      I haven't played SNGs on William Hill in quiet a while, but it is fishy in the micros as it is in most sites. Why not start of with the $1 games and work your way up?

      Hope this was helpful,
      Kind regards,
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      Thanks for your answer...