VIP Club questions

    • EmanuelC16
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      I'm sorry if I missed the answer to these questions in the FAQ. I didn't find them.

      1. The VIP level is updated monthly on the 1st of each month, right?
      2. I started playing there this month. If I make the points for Silver in a week, what kind of Bonus will I get next week? The Bronze Level? The Iron Level (which means nothing) because I am new?
      3. Do I clear that bonus at the same time as my First Deposit Bonus? Are they separate or do they "get in each other's way" and it's useless to have FDB + VIP Bonus?

      Thanks for the help!
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    • akrammon
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      Honestly I can't see through the VIP levels. But yep 1) is yes, and for the 3):

      you don't clear at the same time, but it's not useless either. when fdb runs out the new bonus automatically gets activated (you can see the availability in cashier --> bonuses)
    • kischkintai
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      hey emanuel,

      when you got enough points to go up a vip level just contact live support and ask for an upgrade, there's a good chance they will get you up to silver immediately. (this prolly won't work with the next levels though)

      Btw. as it sucks to play a whole month on the lowest tier I often start playing on rooms with such vip systems close to the end of a month so i can start with 2nd or 3rd tier without losing much of the FDB. :)
    • IngridN
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      thanks for the help here guys :f_love: