Does playing like its a tournament help your learn?

    • Odieone
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      Hi guys,

      I just got the ICM trainer and the thought occured to me. Does it help to practise like your playing in a tournament?

      You are playing only with good cards especially early on because you get more aggressive as the tournament goes which is bad cause you take more chances.

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    • SoyCD
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      Hello Odieone,

      Yes the ICM trainer is there to help you train for the lategame phase of a tournament, once the blinds have gone up. Its all about using your stack size, and the money-bubble effect to put pressure on your opponents in the push or fold phase.

      Early on in a tournament you play very tight and in the push or fold phase you start pushing according to ICM. Its quite a complex, but very intersting subject ;)

      Best regards,