[Offer] Stake for nl5 sh

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      I have read and accepted the staking rules. By posting in this thread, every member acknowledges the same.

      I am looking to offer a few stakes for nl5 sh for players that are interested in climbing in the limits. Im only interested in staking players that are active in pokerstrategys forum so the 300 post is a recuirement ( i wont reply to people without the 300 post). People that have a blog or are interested in making one have prio on this stake.

      The staking will take place at pokerstars.

      To apply to this stake i would like you to send me a PM with the following:

      :spade: Some info about yourself and about your pokerhistory
      :spade: Screennames on all sites
      :spade: What kind of pokersoftware you use
      :spade: Some stats of your previous play
      :spade: Why you want the stake?
      :spade: How many hands you are able to play each month
      :spade: Other references, Have you been staked before ?
      :spade: Email and skype adress

      The deal will look like following:

      :diamond: 50/50 split of all winnings after stakeback
      :diamond: All kind of rakeback on the play are included in the deal.

      ( Deal can be discussed later on )

      The player will receive 25 BIs for nl5 and will climb to the next limit when you have 25 BIs for that limit. If you drop down to 20BIs for a limit you move down a liimt until you get the 25BIs again.

      Please reply in this post when you have sent your PM

      I apologize for the bad english but i hope you understood all of it, Thanks! :)
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