[NL2-NL10] Nl2- Kj

    • Dback357
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      what to do against unknown on turn and river? I was protecting and getting value on turn and wanted to b/f the river, but after the raise I thought, I committed myself with the bet.... X( ....It still should be a fold, I think...


      Known players:

      0,01/0,02 No-Limit Hold'em (8 handed)
      Hand recorder used for this poker hand: PokerStrategy.com Elephant 0.105 by www.pokerstrategy.com.

      Preflop: Hero is SB with K:heart: , J:club:
      3 folds, MP3 calls $0,02, 2 folds, Hero raises to $0,12, BB folds, MP3 calls $0,10.

      Flop: ($0,26) K:spade: , 2:spade: , 2:diamond: (2 players)
      Hero bets $0,19, MP3 calls $0,19.

      Turn: ($0,64) 8:spade: (2 players)
      Hero bets $0,48, MP3 calls $0,48.

      River: ($1,60) 9:club: (2 players)
      Hero bets $0,7, MP3 raises to $2,71 (All-In), Hero raises to $1,24 (All-In).

      Final Pot: $5,55

      Results follow (highlight to see):
      MP3 shows a flush, king high (6s 5s)
      Hero shows (Kh Jc)

      MP3 wins with a flush, king high (6s 5s)
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    • KillerFishes
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      Hey man,

      uuuf ... I think you kind of overplayed your hand, bro ^^

      Let's take a look:

      limp/call is deffo sc/lowpps/some broadway hands with potential (they look nice)

      I'd bet bigger there ... I don't mind overbetting at all!

      All pps call, a lot of fds call worse Kx calls :)

      Still betting but ye 77- probably folds I don't think he floats with hand like 98 without any draw so we can expect he doesnt call with 8 on T

      so he calls Kx, 99+

      yee here I just check :)

      I don't think you get much value - he can easily has A2x,32,42 even though he will probably raise it earlier

      Your king is very often beaten too K8,K9 makes two pair and I'm not sure he will call you with K4/5 here (it's not often even in his limp/call range!)

      So yee what does he push? I think sets, twopairs, flush

      => You beat nothing than bluff :)

      Just fold ^^ cya
    • Dback357
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      Thanks for the opinion, after the river raise I knew I had a problem, but I saw the odds and called anyways....mistake...

      My main decision was to check or block bet the river. I thought, checking was weak, but when I think about it, he was not aggressive, so the block bet wasn´t really needed. And in this case, I´m not sure there are 3 streets of value in my TP.....but he appeared to be a bit fishy, so he might still call a smaller (like) 40c river bet with TT or JJ (and that bet would still leave me lots of room to fold easily after a raise).
    • Echoes88
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      Flop and turn ok, on the turn he can call you with all XsXx.

      But on the river, after you bet 2 streets, he will NEVER bet with weaker than you. Easy ch/f. (there is no room for bbet)
    • veriz
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      Hello Dback357,

      From what worse do you get value on the river? Standard spot to just Check/Fold it, totally overvalued your TP there. And then even Bet/Call vs what?

      Best Regards.