Newbie question about SSS bankroll management vs partypoker

    • trzewia
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      I wanted to start my online poker adventure with the SSS strategy, got my free $50 deposit od and found out the minimum amount to take to the NL10 table was $3 instead of the $2 found in the basic bankroll management chart for SSS. How do I modify the chart?
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    • Bunn3yB0y
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      Play MSS instead.
    • trzewia
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      Does it mean I can not ever play SSS there? I really like the SSS for its simplicity and would prefer to stick with it for the time being.
    • slipkn6t
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      I've played 10k SSS hands at partypoker on nl2 in October. The profit graph is like \/\/\_/ => don't play SSS with 30bb.
    • JohnDoe1313
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      Hey Trzewia,

      listen to the guys. The strategy is developed for playing with 20bb, so I am afraid you cannot play SSS at Party. Check out MSS. It's awesome, believe me ;)

      Also, even though you have bankroll for NL10, I recommend to start at NL2 till you will be familiar with the basic stuff if you have a lack of experience.
    • Jimanyjerk
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      I've also had success with MSS, I'm only working on a 5.5k hand size but it's a good way to enter poker. You might not be able to do anything about playing SSS my friend :( .

      MSS is good because it's still a relatively simple set of charts (compare it to the BSS chart :P ) and it will help teach you more about playing post-flop.

      Good luck!