For a FL player, Is learning NL strategies a good idea?

    • Odieone
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      Hi guys...

      I only started playing recently so all this strategy is new to me. I have been trying to get the strategies down and I think even though I play FL10. When you talk about strategy, how much your opponent has plays into his play so should I look more on NL as well?

      Also, I kinda curious about the free roll tournaments as well. I mean its free but would playing these weekly tournaments hurt my FL play in the long run. Cause the strategies are different. :D
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    • chenny8888
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      as always, knowledge of some basic NL strategies will help. especially with more difficult beginner concepts such as pot odds and implied odds.

      i know that when i was starting out, reading some FL articles added a couple of NL plays into my arsenal. but it's very very important not to confuse the two games of course! calling down with 3rd pair or ace high in no limit is not profitable! ;)
    • TerrorBlade
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      Imo learning NL strategies as a FL player is only useful if you want to play some NL. And no, playing NL won't hurt your FL play lol as long as you don't play them at the same time like me and end up minraising etc. on the NL tables!

      Though I guess some of the articles are relevant such as the odds & outs one, however there are articles for these already in the FL section so yeah...

      It's always good to learn some of the other disciplines too, cause you might actually end up enjoying that one more or it might suit you better. Also who knows what kind of situations you might get into as an MI6 agent or something ^_^
    • Odieone
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      Yeah.. FL got its own section on Outs and Odds but its written differently. Its more general. I think with NL and SNG you have a urgency you get that you dont get with FL. NL, some body can raise huge to bluff whereas SNG you want to protect your money.

      I dunno.. I figure more info is better. Personally I am so new, I play one table and I get lost. I dunno if will be playing two different types anytime soon. :D