HUD problem on elephant

    • Alkemic
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      Hi guys.

      I installed Elephant on my pc today but the HUD system want work on my poker room(Party Poker).
      The other Elephant tool work good, he remember the hands that I play, the players I meet... everything, but he doesn't show me the other player's parametres on the poker table.

      please help me.

      ps. -my poker room is party poker
      -i've the english version
      -i've the last version of elephant
      - i play cash game
      -the other elephant tools work good
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    • mrk1988
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      Hey Alkemic,

      please make sure that your handhistories are imported properly. Open up the import site and check the imported hands / not imported hands. Check the configuration site for your automatically configured import folders.

      Also, make sure to start Elephant and PartyPoker with administrator privileges.
    • Phoenix2104
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      I have the same problem. Everything else works fine except for the HUD, not even the test HUD option.
      I use an old laptop with 1.6 GHZ speed and less than 1 GB memory, could that be the reason I can't make the HUD work?
    • mrk1988
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      Hey Phoenix2104,

      I have no immediate solution for you but try uninstalling Elephant and install the latest version from here: