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      Hi guys,

      I started with 35 euro at, everything was going well and over the course of 3 weeks i was sitting at a good 230euro. I was feeling pretty good about myself i had tried to play my A game and I used Holdem Manager 2 which i think helped a lot. And then one pot changed everything. I was playing NL 10 Cash game full ring table. The other players were all very loose with a VPIP of over 50-60%. I was sitting on the BU and i raised the pot after 2 limpers with KJ and the flop came Ac Qd Td. Player 1 bets, Player 2 raises, and i decided it was a good spot to move all in so I did, I had about 170bb player 1 had about that much as well and player 2 had around 90-100bb they both called. And the turn came 3d and the river was a blank. Player 1 showed Ad9d player 2 showed AQ. I know I was about a 55% favorite to win the hand so it was not that much of a bad beat but still felt sick as the table was full of fish. I typed in "rofl..." in the chat and got replied i was a "fish". Thats all fine i thought its not that bad, however after that I have been loosing for 6 straight days every day. I get SICK bad beats all the time, AJ cracks my Aces, I get a straight vs full house and all kinds of crap. I went down a limit, nothing changed. I finish 4th at every sit and go I play and yesterday i finished 31st in a tournament with the first 30 people in the money with QQ vs A3 that being said my bankroll got down to 90 euro. I know I was still ahead but i felt sick to the stomach from all the bad beats It seemed like it did not matter what kind of hand i had i was always being outdrawn.
      And now today finally I had a couple of exams at Uni came back home feeling good and i was like yeaah why dont I play a bit of poker maybe it will turn around. I join a sit n go and finish 4th with KK vs 66, i join a tournament and finished on the first hand I played i was dealt pocket AA 3 limpers i Raised to 7bb 2 people called. FLop comes 456, i hated it from the start but i couldnt juts check fold aces on that kind of a flop I placed a pot sized bet and got an all in from a player, i was already pot committed with about 10bb left so i called and he showedd 78o. Maybe I've played the hand wrong I dont know you can give me an advice in the comment section. Well anyways I think i am going to withdraw the 80 euro left take a brake from poker for about a week and maybe go and play some more in poker stars. I love the game I dont want to quit, not at all I just feel like I cant win a pot anymore some of you probably know what i am talking about. Well anyways.. I just wanted to shout somewhere (as my girlfriend is "sick of hearing about poker" :D ) Thanks for reading my post and if you can give me any advice i'd appreciate it. Good luck to all. Cheers!


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      Certainly the feeling of not being able to win a single hand time after time is a very common experience in Poker. We all go through it at some stage (more than once).

      It's almost certainly the case there is no connection between your bad beat with King Jack, flopping a straight (which you played fine) and the other hands you lost recently -- it's just a coincidence.

      You did the right thing in moving down limits during a downswing.

      In terms of specific advice, it's important to know stack sizes and your situation in the tournament before being able to advise you. So please post your hand with AA on 456 in the tournament hand analysis Forum and someone will help you there.

      good luck!