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    • joyark123
      Joined: 25.04.2011 Posts: 94

      I'm Joyce from the Netherlands, I'm playing poker from my 17th year in home games. Friends of my were already 18 so I played sometimes with them online on pokerstars. When I got 18 in April I made my own profile on pokerstars and also came to this site, by a tip from my friends. I started playing sng's and got in total $300 on my acount in July by playing 18's and a sattelite to the sunday million wich i turned in to tournament money. I stopped for 2 or 3 months because I had more things to do, with work etc. I played for some weeks in October and won $30 extra in total. I needed the money so I withdraw everything from my account. Mid december I watched some EPT and deposit $30 wich turned into $200 very fast with 180s and I had some %% in a friend who became third in a small KO tournament for $600. So I started playing cashgames on Nl5 because I had not much experiments with cash games. I played break even and went up 4bi in 14000 hands. When I needed to withdraw some money again I now decided to start over again with $10. Fast it turned into $22. Now I'm going to play NL2 bss, which is not smart with my br but I will deposit if I need to do it so I could come at the 25 bi which is said in the articles. Now I'm at this point in time where I saw this course when i came, not on purpose, on the English site, I'll try this course to improve my game. If their are Dutch articles or videos I'll use them to get the lessons otherwise I'll just take the English one.

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