i feel like i will kill somebody

    • kajzr
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      ***** i wanted to train sit n gos, so i started at 1usd buy in and everything worked well. I climbed up to 110 usd and then it started. I lost over 20 tournaments in row, i lost around 70% of coinflips, i lost around 50% cases, where i was a big favorit (like AK vs AQ, QQ vs AJ..). I was so mad, that i took whole bankroll (cca 65 bucks) and betted it to black at roulette. Luckily i won, but i dont feel much satisfied, since i know it was pure luck. Today i played PS basic freeroll, i played quite well, but then i lost my AK vs AQ (again) and i ended around 140. place, picked up my miserable dolar and bunch of bad mood. I am sick of myself, that i am whining so much, but i cant help myself. X(
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      Sometimes Poker can be pretty harsh but dealing with beats is an important aspect of being a good poker player. Those are simply times you need to get through :(

      Sometimes everything is just working - and sometimes nothing works. Good luck on getting back on track.

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