• Kiaz21
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      Last week I downloaded the Poker770 software because i saw the $7.70+$10 dollar no deposit bonus. I followed the necessary steps to be entitled to the bonus but I never had a response. On top of that :
      When i logged in the first time one of their employees contacted my through the chat.
      I asked her about the no deposit bonus, "she looked into it" and told me they were verifying it and that I would receive the bonus soon. After that she told me that if I deposited now ( max 30 ) and lost the money, that i would get i refunded to my account. I just had to send a mail with a certain code.

      Same evening i send the mail because I lost my first deposit. Havn't heard from them since. I've send a few mails requesting the bonusses I am entitled to : 7.70+10 and 25 from the first deposit. I never got a mail back. Feels like they're just ignoring me.
      And their costumer chat is always unavailable.

      Anyone else had the same problems?
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    • Kiaz21
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      Weird, just received the first bonus. Now waiting for the 25
    • support770
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      Hello Kiaz21

      Please be assured that if you are eligible for your first deposit refund and that you already sent an e-mail to our Promotion Staff with the correct bonus code, the corresponding money will soon be credited on your account.

      As for the Online Support button, do keep in mind that our Online Customer Support Department can only treat a certain number of players at a time. Once this number is reached the option becomes unavailable. We are not therefore ignoring you :) .

      Now, if by tomorrow, your first deposit bonus is not on your account, then please mention me your nickname on our gaming platform and I will take the pleasure in checking your request’s status.


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      Thanks Yoanna :)