Hello everyone, my goal is to reach NL10 and make 2 BIs there, I'm starting with 50$ at NL2 on Pokerstars.

I've actually reached higher limits before but it was not by following bankroll management and I am a winning player so far, but I doubt its because of skill, more because of luck. So this little project is all about : can I reach NL10 with proper bankroll management? (really think I can do it but I want the proof!)

If you want to follow me on PTR my nick is Vennish on Pokerstars. I know a lot of people say that PTR is not accurate but in the case of Pokerstars I've never seen it miss a hand but on sites like William Hill I have seen it happen many times.

I'm going to move up when I have 30 BIs for the next level and move down when I only have 25BIs.

First of I'm going to read some articles here on Pokerstrategy and on 2p2. If anyone could recommend any articles I would be very happy. :D