First live tournament

    • durinko
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      After some time plating poker online I decided to enter crazy rebuy tournament for 2 euros. In early stage I was a bit stressed with almost no hands worth playing and when I finally got AA, I lost it against 48o and second time against 88 - but fortunately I didn't get tilted a lot :)

      I had some rebuys and one addon after rebuy period was ended, totally speding some 16 euros. After this rebuy period I was the shortest stack (4800 chips with guy on my left with 40k+, around 18 players remaining) but I kept playing my game and picking the spots.

      Result: doubled up three times + won some nice pots -> around 80k chips on final table. I managed to get to top 3 and at 2AM we decided to split the prize pool so I ended up wining 107 euros. :)
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