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    • Jimanyjerk
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      Hello everyone,

      I'm having a bit of an issue with the table selection at a certain website. It's really really tight there. There are times when it is more loose and fishy, but unfortunately I'm in West Coast Canada and those hours are generally middle of the day while I'm in Uni.

      I would like to understand some basic concepts for taking advantage of the somewhat tighter range of the players on at these hours if possible. It's not uncommon for the players perflop % to hover between 18 and 22 on the 6-8 open full-ring tables at this time of night. Definitely not the most lucrative situations.

      How can a dedicated MSSer alter his play-style to win money more efficiently in these settings? I'm open to being more creative pre-flop even if it means some trouble spots post flop, that's what the excellent hand evaluation threads are for here :D . I'd just rather not start completely on my own and make some serious leaky blunders when there is a vast wealth of knowledge residing in these forums.

      I'm going to do my best to play more during the day but once again that's pretty difficult when I'm on campus and in class.

      Thanks for any help and good luck at the tables

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    • roopopper
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      Hi Garet
      I find if the tables are tight then my opening raises become more prominent with mss (although my range is a little wider than the charts). Also you must be stealing more ? if you are picking up the blinds more often then it should be just as profitable? If I am playing against loads of rocks then I tighten up my 3bet range as well.

      This is just my opinion and I'm no expert by the way!!!

      Hopefully one of the ps masters will pop by and help out with this :D

    • Jimanyjerk
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      Aside from individual adjustments and seat selection, yeah one would hope that it is just as profitable because the focus shifts from winning a few big pots to many small ones right? I'd just like some form of guideline so that I'm not sawwing my leg off to cure my athletes foot.

      I'm slowly attempting to add in raising with the smaller pockets but I'm running into issues with people not taking positional play into account. If I raise from EP I frequently get called or sometimes 3 bet by WACKO hands. Small sample size for sure but I'm currently playing by the SHC because of a lack of success when deviating.

      Thanks for the reply roo, I've had a bit more luck with the small pockets on PP because everyone is FOLDING all the time :f_p: