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My First Graph! (hopefully not last...)

    • MoneyDearest
      Joined: 08.05.2011 Posts: 119
      Hey Everyone!

      Today is my first day posting on the boards, and I'm thinking I'd love to seriously take up poker and share my experiences with you from complete beginner until your saying "Hey, I remember that guy as a beginner on!!" :D !

      Before I do, and introduce myself propperly, I was wondering if I could get a little feed back on my first 700 hands, so my $50 can even last long enough for me to make a blog ;) ! (Wasn't sure if this should be in the beginners section or somewhere, apoz if out-of-place.)

      My main question is this, for the last 300 hands at least, my non-showdown winnings have been pretty steady. This is why I sometimes feel like a poker god :tongue: !

      However, I've noticed I'm loosing big on show-down, and have a complementary negative ev curve. I have a feeling this is bad :P !

      So, 1) Could someone please explain to me in a little more detail what this curve means, and how I should interpret it propperly? (or point me in the write direction. I read the equity article, but think I haven't really fully mastered the concept.)

      and 2) Are there any super-duper-obvious conclusions you can make from this starting graph of a beginning player?

      I hope to share more soon, as long as I don't go bust in the mean-time ;-)!



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    • conall88
      Joined: 02.01.2009 Posts: 1,715
      at beginning I would recommend playing tighter. your non show down winnings are derived from making people fold. It seems you are making people fold too often when you are ahead, and not folding enough when you are behind.

      The logical move would be to play less marginal hands when you are not in position, and also be very picky about your hand selection and continuation betting when you are in the first 3 positions on the table.

      This by itself should help a great deal.
    • MoneyDearest
      Joined: 08.05.2011 Posts: 119
      That sounds like a great start, thanks a million :D ! I'll let you know how I go...


    • Kruppe
      Joined: 20.02.2008 Posts: 2,145
      the EV line suggests that you have a winrate of worse than -100bb/100.
      this is really quite bad, and I would recommend improving it a lot, but it will most likely improve a lot over the next few thousand hands anyway.

      also, how come you have HEM2 already when you only just got your starting capital? I didn't get tracking software until I had been playing for quite a while.
    • slipkn6t
      Joined: 27.06.2011 Posts: 5,726
      MoneyDearest, post other stats: evbb/100, vpip, pfr, etc
      What type of poker do you play? FR nl2?
    • KozakFB
      Joined: 18.08.2011 Posts: 395
      Keep playing the way you're playing!

      Sincerely, poker players.


      Looks like you're going to need to read up on some strategy bro because unfortunately you are the fish atm :(
    • BustoTinker
      Joined: 21.07.2011 Posts: 815
      At the moment you seems to be a FISH! But no worries, You came to right place! :s_thumbsup:

      We like to know your VPIP/PFR/3BET stats also, It would be helping us to help to you!

      What offers? offers everything you need to learn beat micro stakes! You just need to be able to take advantage this great site.

      I recommend you to; Read Pronze articles and watch Pronze videous about the pokervariation you are playing. + Psykology and other common articles and videos.

      Blog is perfect way to ask anything. Feel free!

      You can also take contact with other micro players and chatting with them about poker and finding leaks and improve your game! And meeting new ppl!

      Up there in tab is "Coaching" you can filter it and you find coaching sessions where you can join. Perfect way to watch what kind of hands ppl are playing in Pre-flop and how they continue in post-flop.

      Also you can join your poker variation study group. There you can ask/post and develop your game. Meeting new ppl and chatting with them about poker.

      Post your difficult hands (big pots) Lost and wonned pots to Hand analys section.


      You have to concentrate studying poker, like 2h studying poker in day and 1h playing.

      Keep up your blog. Blog is sooooooooo profitable!!!

      Remember this; There is no dum questions!

      Hope this helps you! Feel free to ask anything!
    • Krishjanis
      Joined: 04.01.2010 Posts: 977
      Post those big losing showdown hands in the hand evaluation forum, so the judges will tell you what you are doing wrong and how you can fix it. Don't be shy to post them if you think you played horribly, I have posted so stupid hands there, but never get laughed at, people will only help!
    • MoneyDearest
      Joined: 08.05.2011 Posts: 119
      Thanks for the replies everyone! It's important to feed the [s]animals [\s] sharks ;) , just don't get used to it :D !

      I left out the important point of course,

      I'm playing NL5, using MSS, so I thought I had one over the fish, at least in hand selection ;-)!

      I think my problems is that I tend to c-bet on the flop even if I hit nothing. (I'm always the agressor post-flop, so I rarely get a chance to fold on a dry board?) then in general play too agressive on the turn and the river when I have something, and presume they have nothing. I say too agressive, but I'm usually just betting 2/3 pot and being called. I think this agressivness also means that when I *am* ahead, the opponents fold, so I don't win big on the river. But I have in my head "bet for value" and that "slowly playing is generally a terrible idea". Is that true?

      Here are my stats, (which dont seem to match the graph perfectly??)

      Total Hands 715
      Net Won -8.26
      bb/100 27.29
      VPIP 15.3
      PFR 12.5
      3Bet 10.6
      WTSD% 18.3
      W$SD% 46.7
      Agg 12.5
      Agg% 62.1

      I've posted one of the big losses in the hand evaluation forum, NL 02.05, please have a look if your interested!

      thanks again for any comments,

    • Krishjanis
      Joined: 04.01.2010 Posts: 977
      Use fold to cbet flop, turn in HUD so you know how often villain folds on the flop or turn, so you then know when you have hit nothing when to cbet. And think about villains ranges, think about could he have hit something and what is he possible holding and then decide should you cbet or not.
    • IngridN
      Joined: 02.03.2011 Posts: 12,162
      I'm late but welcome to our blogs section MoneyDearest :) <-- interesting name btw!