Hud display in live poker - glance into the future

    • mancikaa
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      A very interesting thing poped up on the CES: a high tech glass which will be able to display different information, video ect for the user. Of course first mostly the gaming industry will have a use of it, but they also mention military.

      What came to my mind, is that with a clever software, it could be used also for live poker, as a hud. Its not described what kind of sensors the glass has, but imagine: you sit at the table, and you see your opponents blood pressure just went up to 140. Or, what if it would track just most basic things, how many hand the opponent plays, and all the information we have right now in the huds. Would be genious if one of the developer companies who make the different statistic software, would start to develope for such device. (business investor alarm ;) )

      Little video here :
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